Garage Door Repair Los Angeles

Republic Garage Doors can repair or provide maintenance on your garage door, garage door opener, or any of your garage door's hardware and accessories. Our licensed Los Angeles service professionals are experienced and reliable, and will make sure that your garage door is returned to its optimal state as fast as possible.

Types of Garage Door Repairs

There are two main components to a garage door - the garage door itself and the garage door opener. Certain garage door repairs can be fairly simple and straightforward - other repairs you should leave to us.

Garage Door Repairs

  • Make sure that the mounting brackets that hold the garage door tracks are securely fastened to the wall. If the tracks are damaged, they will likely need to be replaced.
  • Make sure that the tracks are properly aligned - both tracks must be at the same level relative to the garage walls
  • If the opener is straining or the door is unbalanced when the garage door is opening, you may have an issue with the garage door spring or cable. Repairing or replacing the spring or cable is extremely dangerous and is better left to the professionals. Special equipment and parts are often required and experience with the intricacies of garage door equipment is necessary.

Garage Door Opener Repairs

  • Make sure that your garage door opener is plugged in and that your circuit breaker did not reset. Other issues may require an experienced service technician to inspect and repair your garage door opener or simply replace your garage door opener.

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